terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009


Morning Glory

You're the shadow in the wall

The ghost in my way back home

You're what I loosed

But closed

You're the silent melody

What I missed

The song that I won't play again

Definitively maybe

You're the honor

Rome is your throne

You're the healing pain

You rule here, that's your home

Who are you truly?

You're the queen of Britain

The crowd in those cold and foggy streets

The Sun in darkness sea

You're love

You're the magnificent Coliseum

The battle that I need to fight

Is against your shadow,

That appears every night

You're insane dear love

Confusion that hurts me

Your ruins,

Still in my heart forever

What's the story?

Be here now

When was your morning glory?

You're the truth

What hurt

You're the truth of this song

You're the power

The paparazzi that kill

You're the lyric that no one has played before

The old magazine on the box

The rose in the creek

You're the last goodbye

The fast smile

You're Rome baby

The boss in this area

The king and the queen

What I haven't found before

You're really this feeling...


4 comentários:

  1. Ojalá goces de esa gloria.

    Preciosos versos

  2. o poema da rainha...
    *abstraia, Paula, abstraia!* hehe

    Hum.. te indiquei um selo ;D


  3. kra, manda pra algum artista musicar, via internet...

    SÉRIOMESMO, hehehe