domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

Change your mind!

E então eu percebi que precisava mudar algumas coisas...

If you wanna be somebody else,

If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
If you wanna be somebody else
Change your mind, change your mind

Hey, hey-
Have you ever danced in the rain or thanked the sun
Just for shining, just for shining or the sea?
Oh no, You take it all in the world's a show
And yeah, you look much better,
Look much better when you glow!

Yeah yeah
I hope you've heard every word I've said
Yeah yeah
you've had enough of all your tryin'
Just give up the state of mind you're in!

(Sister Hazel)

"Porque, onde estiver o vosso tesouro, ali estará também o vosso coração."

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